The 3rd time now, the Indigo Pearl Hotel sponsored the Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation Christmas Party at their Hotel.

The children were treated like 5 star hotel guests and they had a lot of fun with the program, organized by the staff of the Indigo Pearl Hotel.

Beside the Clown and Magic show, there was plenty of yummy food and drinks and of course, at the end of the party, the Christmas gifts for the children.

Thank yo very much again to the Indigo Pearl Hotel at Nai Yang Beach for doing this and for your great and ongoing support for the children of the Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation.

Please click here or on the picture below to see lots of pictures of that wonderful afternoon at Indigo Pearl Hotel with the PSV children.

As well as some more pictures on the Facebook page of one of our great over sea supporters… just CLICK HERE

Phuket Sunshine Village, foster home for underpriviledged children, christmas party at indigo pearl hotel Phuket.

PSV Christmas Party 2010

The children of the Phuket Sunshine Village were invited to visit the British International School (BIS), Phuket, for a little Christmas party.

It was a great day, everyone was happy and the students of the BIS paid great attention to everyone.

They prepared food and games for the whole day and the highlight was a gift for every children of the PSV.

Thank you very much in the name of the children of the PSV, to all students and organizing teachers for the great day you made for the PSV children.

Here some pictures of this fabulous day.

The Christmas time is coming closer and we need to arrange the yearly Christmas party for the Phuket Sunshine Village children.

The management of the Indigo Pearl Hotel was so kind to organize the Christmas party again for the PSV children.

We all are very thankful for this great gift and look forward to this event.

Here some pictures from the last Christmas party 2009 at the Indigo Pearl

If you click here, you can see the whole bunch of pictures from the last Christmas parties of the Phuket Sunshine Village kids.