land development

First drafts for the Loma Sport & Activity Center of the PSV

Dear friends and supporters of the PSV, as you might know we bought around a year ago more land beside the PSV to build a sport, study and recreational area for our children.
We will call this project from now on “Loma Sport & Activity Center” and will begin soon with the fund raising for this wonderful second step of the PSV project.
Please see here the basic draft for what we are planning. If you think you can support us with this project, please do not hesitate to contact us and share your support idea with us.


See here the latest picture of the new PSV land right beside the Phuket Sunshine Village.


New PSV Land 26.02.2011

New PSV Land 26.02.2011

It is filled up, the wall around, including the lightning, as well as the gates are finished.

We are working now on a development plan how to use it in the most efficient way for our children in the future.

If you can offer any help in landscaping, development ideas etc., please do not hesitate to contact us.


See below some pictures from the new land we purchased for the children of the Phuket Sunshine Village / Foster Home For Underprivileged Children.

Kuhn Holger from the “German Electric Team Phuket” sponsored the material for the piping for the future electric of the wall lightning and other cables which need to be installed in the future through out the wall.

The work for  the installation of the pipes is donated by “Peter “Papa” Wesche”.

Thank you very much for this.

If you also want to help us in financing the one or other thing for the developing of this new sport and activity area for the children, please contact us.