diamond sponsor

Thank you very much to Gordon and Graeme Chuck, their friends and clients of Shades Co. Ltd. for the initiation and ongoing financial support of our English teacher program within the PSV.

First drafts for the Loma Sport & Activity Center of the PSV

Dear friends and supporters of the PSV, as you might know we bought around a year ago more land beside the PSV to build a sport, study and recreational area for our children.
We will call this project from now on “Loma Sport & Activity Center” and will begin soon with the fund raising for this wonderful second step of the PSV project.
Please see here the basic draft for what we are planning. If you think you can support us with this project, please do not hesitate to contact us and share your support idea with us.


We have many supporters of the PSV which we are really grateful for. Here a story of one of our longterm supporters, Susanne Bayliss.

“”In September every year our school community all wear odd/funny socks on one day and to be able to wear these every one donates some money which I bring over and exchange to Baht.

Sometimes I bring Toothbrushes, undies, puzzles, other clothes. I also sell chocolates at works and other food items to Teachers and that money is given to your foster home / orphanage also.

Our school is called Jubilee Primary School and we are a Ecumenical school (Christian) on the Gold Coast of Australia you can look us up as we have a website.””

This is a great story, and we are happy to communicate it to you. Thank you very much again Susanne for your great support.

If you want to help us, you are very welcome, as we finance the PSV only from generous donations.