The children of the Phuket Sunshine Village were invited to visit the British International School (BIS), Phuket, for a little Christmas party.

It was a great day, everyone was happy and the students of the BIS paid great attention to everyone.

They prepared food and games for the whole day and the highlight was a gift for every children of the PSV.

Thank you very much in the name of the children of the PSV, to all students and organizing teachers for the great day you made for the PSV children.

Here some pictures of this fabulous day.

The Christmas time is coming closer and we need to arrange the yearly Christmas party for the Phuket Sunshine Village children.

The management of the Indigo Pearl Hotel was so kind to organize the Christmas party again for the PSV children.

We all are very thankful for this great gift and look forward to this event.

Here some pictures from the last Christmas party 2009 at the Indigo Pearl

If you click here, you can see the whole bunch of pictures from the last Christmas parties of the Phuket Sunshine Village kids.

Khun Santi from the Phuket Archery Club has agreed to teach our children the first lesson for free, to find out if the children are talented and interested.

A total of 14 children got their first experience in the art of Archery over a two weeks period.

The children who will continue after that will be able to train there at discounted rates and hopefully master their skills one day.

The activity was initiated by our PR Director Thomas Gottschalk who is a big fan of the archery sport himself.

Please click on the picture below to see some more pictures of this great day at the Phuket Archery Club in our Phuket Sunshine Village Picture Gallery.

Phuket Sunshine Village Archery Activity

PSV Archery Activity