On Friday the 29th of April 2011, Mr. Hans Freydag from Germany has donated 130 Polo Shirts for our village.

On Friday the 29th of April 2011, Mr. Hans Freydag from Germany has donated 130 Polo Shits for our village.

Mr. Hans has produced a total of 200 high quality polo shirts with our PSV logo and “Supporter” embodied.

The other 70 pieces will be sold directly by Mr. Hans and the income then also donated to the PSV.

He has raised 920 Euros (36,000 THB) at his birthday party for the PSV and has added another 14,000 THB from his own money to produce these 200 Polo Shirts.

We would like to thank Mr. Hans for his efforts and kind donation to the Phuket Sunshine Village.

For the first time in the history of the Phuket Sunshine Village, the PSV was closed for 3 days.

The mothers and other staff members were sent to a well deserved holiday (the first one in the last 3 years!) to Hat Yai.

Most of the kids went home to their parents, relatives or participated in other holiday activities like a sailing camp.

But there were a small group of kids which needed to be cared of. Some of them went to Child Watch Phuket to enjoy a good time there and 21 children of the PSV followed a invitation of our Board Member Thomas Gottschalk to spend the 3 days at his house and with lots of activities.

Tom got help from other Board Members (Franco Ferri, Michael Giger, Frank Couture and Kuhn Vanida) as well as from some child watch staff and very good friends and their Thai wifes to make this 3 days a real holiday for the kids.

The highlight of the 3 days was for sure the trip on a boat, sponsored by Sea Bees Diving, to go to Coral Island and spend the day at the beach with swimming and snorkeling.

All the other days were filled with lots of time in the swimming pool, playing games and watching movies in Toms home theater.

Over all, the 3 days were a full success and the kids hat a lot of fun…

A big thank you to Tom and all friends making this unforgettable 3 days for the kids.

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Here some pictures of the sailing activity in Ao Yon on Saturday the 12th of March 2011.

Thank you Kathy for your great effort to give some of our children this opportunity.