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Join us for the 8th Anniversary Celebration

Dear friends and supporters of the Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation. Please be informed about our 8th Anniversary celebration taking place on the 28th of June 2015 at the PSV. Kindly share this information with your family and friends and join us on that day.

Details about the Party you will find in the invitation below, just click on it to see it bigger.



Dance director visits Sunshine Village


Ricardo Koopman, a dance director from Cape Town in South Africa (Ricardo’s Dance Studio), held free dance classes for orphan children at Sunshine Village Foundation in Koh Sirae, east of Phuket Town.

Mr Koopman spends his vacations in Phuket, and on this visit wanted to give back to the island.

“I have been teaching dance for 25 years to children aged 5 to 18, and I run two dance studios in South Africa under the name Ricardo’s Modern Dance Studio.

“I am delighted to give my time and skills to these wonderful children. I love working with children.”

Every Saturday for the last month he has spent two hours teaching around 40 children how to dance, even though many of the children can’t understand English.

“The children were very well behaved and very eager to learn. I taught them to develop listening skills and to understand how the art of dance can make a huge impact on their lives.

“I believe that dance can save your life,” he said.

“I am very grateful that I could share my knowledge with children at the foundation. I saw the most beautiful smiles followed by the most beautiful graceful arm movements and crazy leaps.

“I have also learned so much more about Thai culture and the language.

“I love working with these eager and beautiful children from Sunshine Village Foundation, and if I have a chance I will come again. A big thank you to the staff at the Holiday Inn Resort Phuket, who supported me with this project,” he added.

Thank you Ricardo for all you have done for our children.


In March we had a supportive visit from Chaise Robertson, her husband Eric and Free, her 14 year old daughter. All three certified Zumba instructors.

They organized a fundraiser in Australia and donated the money to the PSV, but much better, they gave a Zumba class for our children and they had a lot of fun on that day.

Thank you very much again for this great activity and your help for the PSV children.


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