As a volunteer, I shall put the residents of ‘Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation’, and above all else, the children and their needs at the forefront of my mind. I shall view those living there as my ‘true’ employers and delegates.

 I will recognise that by taking on the role as ‘Volunteer’, I shall in all situations; in all places; at all times; and with whoever I meet, always represent the ‘Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation’ to the very best of my ability, in order not to bring the PSV into disrepute.

 I promise to respect Thai customs and traditions and will, wherever I can, spread the meaning of its culture. The Phuket Sunshine Village is run by a Thai Foundation and that should be reflected.

 I shall never raise my voice towards anybody or in any way behave aggressively.

 I promise, that if I am upset, disturbed, and angry or disappointed about anything or anyone, I shall report to and discuss this with whoever is in charge.

 I promise, that if I am upset, disturbed, and angry or disappointed with any member of staff or another volunteer, I shall discuss this initially with the person concerned. Following this, I shall discuss it with whoever is in charge.

 The PSV is politically and religiously independent and volunteers should behave accordingly.

 As a volunteer, I promise to never be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during working hours. I also promise to not drive any vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

 I promise to respect Thai law during my stay at the PSV.

 I promise to be careful with PSV’s limited resources and make sure they are put to the very best use regardless of function, economy and surroundings.

As a volunteer I am conscious of the fact that solutions are best found through good will, cooperation and positive thinking.

 I promise not to wear myself out. A Volunteer who eats and sleeps well – and has fun – will do a good job and will be a good source of support for all the residents, staff and other volunteers.


Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation