Your ongoing support is mandatory

Dear friends and supporters of the Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation, As most of you know, the Phuket Sunshine Village is a foundation which depends 100% on private donations.

We are now approaching 10 year anniversary of the Tsunami and we are grateful that we have been able to run the PSV ever since then with your kind donations and ongoing help.

Sadly so many projects which started after the tsunami are now gone. The reason why is that those projects were unable to sustain themselves due to lack of funds to cover their expenses. People tend to donate for hard costs at that time ie. stones, construction materials, wood, furniture, and so on, but not so much for soft costs.

But it is these soft costs, these ongoing costs which keep a place like the Phuket Sunshine Village alive. What keeps a place like the PSV going is it’s Managers, staff, mothers, teachers, the food, medical and school equipment, etc..

Having said that, we would like to encourage our supporters, friends and all companies to donate directly to the Phuket Sunshine Village to continue to help the children and society as well as the sustainability of the project itself.

Just spread the word and let people know about the children of the Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation and that they need your ongoing financial help to be successful in keeping alive what all of us started some time ago following the devastating Tsunami in 2004 and to give underprivileged children a better future.

All information on how to support us you can find on this web site or simply contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Thank you very much in the name of the children, the staff and B.O.D. for all your support in the past years and hopefully ongoing support for the future.