Dear Friends and Supporters of PSV,
our Fundraising Party last Saturday was quite a success.
Early estimated indicate a profit of around 250,000 THB that will all go to the foundation.
70,000 THB came from the entry tickets, roughly 70,000 THB from the silent auction and
around 110,00 THB from the Lions Raffle Activity of the Lions Club of Phuket Andaman Sea.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your kind support.

Here are all the prizes and winning ticket numbers of the Lions Raffle Activity.
As some tickets were not properly filled out or unable to read we would like to
ask you to contact us if you hold one of the tickets listed below.

PrizesTicket #
Blue Ocean Resort – 2 weeks accommodation406
Tropica Bungalows -2 weeks accommodation284
Toy Residence – 2 weeks accommodation286
Paksaa Boutique – 1 week accommodation322
Regent Panwa – 2 Nights in Suite498
One Day Diving or Snorkeling with Sea Bees Diving122
Dive Introduction Course with Sea Bees Diving437
One Phuket Sunshine Village T-Shirts407
One Phuket Sunshine Village T-Shirts294
One Phuket Sunshine Village T-Shirts149
One Phuket Sunshine Village T-Shirts204
One Phuket Sunshine Village T-Shirts281
One Phuket Sunshine Village T-Shirts287
One Phuket Sunshine Village T-Shirts420
One Phuket Sunshine Village T-Shirts589
One Phuket Sunshine Village T-Shirts251
One Phuket Sunshine Village T-Shirts006
One Amulet from Wat Chalong144
One Amulet from Wat Chalong201
One Amulet from Wat Chalong005
One Amulet from Wat Chalong581
One Amulet from Wat Chalong289
One Amulet from Wat Chalong293
One Amulet from Wat Chalong148
One Amulet from Wat Chalong004
One Amulet from Wat Chalong583
One Amulet from Wat Chalong283
One Amulet from Wat Chalong123
One Amulet from Wat Chalong190
One Amulet from Wat Chalong350
One Amulet from Wat Chalong187
One Amulet from Wat Chalong125
One Amulet from Wat Chalong340
One Amulet from Wat Chalong224
One Amulet from Wat Chalong232
One Amulet from Wat Chalong302
One Amulet from Wat Chalong010
Spa treatment at Serenety Spa- 10,000 thb205
Dinner at Toy Restaurant (2 persons) 5,000 THB147
Dinner at Paksaa Eatery (2 persons) – 1500 THB343
One bottles of Spanish Sparkling Win590
One bottles of Spanish Sparkling Win152
One suite or dress from Kings Fashion291
Dinner at Siam Indigo (Value 1,500 THB)288
Dinner at Siam Indigo (Value 1,500 THB)333
Hair Dresser Voucher from West One Salon (3,000 THB)582
3 Bottles of Wine  from Wine Connection145
3 Bottles of Wine  from Wine Connection292
Snorkel Set from All For Diving588
Snorkel Set from All For Diving146
Snorkel Trip All For Diving141
2 tickets for “The Lost Legends”  incl Dinner – 3,000 THB143