Dear friends and supporters,


In the last year we played with many ideas, contacted many construction and architecture companies, sighted lots of different cost and construction plans / ideas and came at the end to the conclusion to stick with this simple and most cost effective idea which is very practical and economic as well as substantial and will full fill its purpose best.


Please see the pictures of the new study of a needed roof structure which we will build on the new area to give our children a safe space to play and study even when it rains or to have a place in the shadow on sunny days.




The roof structure will cover the area of 26 x 26 meters and the usable area (concrete floor) will be 20 x 20 meters in size. The price for this structure will be 3 million THB, which is with the current Euro rate approx.  Euro 77,000.-.


Our planning team, see the picture… from left to right Frank Couture (PSV Vice President), David van Zandt (PSV treasurer and main founder of the PSV, Lions Member) and Friedrich “Sam” Fauma (PSV secretary and respected Rotarian), and the whole BOD of the Phuket Sunshine Village is now confident to build this really needed roof structure on our new land with your help and the help of other donors without touching the funds which secure the running costs of the PSV.


 We will only start this project when we can raise at least 60% of the above mentioned costs.


If you would like to support us (financially or with material) with this wonderful project, please feel free to send us a donation or contact us and share your ideas how you possibly could help us with this project.