Monthly Archives: March 2011

The children of the Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation have a new support Ambassador.

Gordon Chuck has been a friend of the Phuket Sunshine Village since 2006, when he and his brother Graeme identified a need for the children and generously fulfilled it.

Gordon has presented the Board of Directors with a most exciting and innovative vision for the introduction of regular and professional English language tutoring for all ages of children and the implementation of a ‘business mentor’ and apprenticeship program for those, who at the age of 16, are required to leave the shelter and safety of the orphanage and make their way, unassisted, in the outside world.

To make this wonderful initiative a reality, funds will be raised by Gordon.

A big thank you to Gordon, his family and his friends for this great support.

Please see here the official Letter of Endorsement for Gordon.

Letter of endorsement Gordon Chuck Phuket Sunshine Village

If you want to participate in this wonderful project, do not hesitate to contact us.

The children of the PSV have a new local Phuket supporter. The La Gaetana Restaurant in Phuket Town.

Gianni Ferrara and his wife Concetta decided to do something to support the Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation.

Gianni is not only a Restaurant owner and excellent host, he is also a very good semi professional photographer.

Spontaneously he decided to support the PSV with the sale of his pictures and informations about the PSV in his Restaurant.

Thank you Gianni and Concetta for this kind support.

Thank you very much to Gullan And Sven, as well as to their friends. They just transferred another THB 10,000.- for our children.

Here a small quote of the mail they sent us:

We have you all in our memories.
It was with joy, that we notices that our beloved triplets have a very pleasent life here at Sunshine Village.
We are now in our normal life in Sweden with much hard work, so we can not visit you for some months, I am afraid.
All the childrens sponsors here around us are so happy for you taking care of the triplets.
We just transferred 10000 THB to your account.
Give them a big hug from us both!

A big thank you from all of our children to you and your friends, we look forward to welcome you soon in the PSV.

Phuket Sunshine Village donors

Gullan & Sven