Monthly Archives: November 2010

The PSV has a drinking water station which was donated to the Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation by the local group of GOMS (Grumpy Old Men Society) and installed by ESP a local water installation company.

This drinking water station is heavy used by the kids and the staff.

Thank you very much for this very useful gift.

Dear all,

a few months ago we purchased some more land for the Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation to have more play and activity ground for our children.

The new area (red frame) is right now in preparation, the piling for the new wall is in progress and after the wall is finished, the complete land fill will take place.

The wall, including the land fill should be finished by the end of January / beginning of February.

Right now we discuss several ideas how to use the area and what building, sport ground and gardening will take place there in the future.

As soon as we have a final master plan, we will publish it.

If you can help us for the planing (Landscape architect, drawing ideas etc.) or if you want to help us to finance the various future construction steps , please contact us and let us know what you could do for us.

Here some news regarding child adoption in Thailand from the chief of the Inter-Country Department of the Child Adoption Center at the Department of Social Development and Welfare, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security of Thailand

Any foreigners interested in adopting orphans can contact us and discuss with us in person at the Child Adoption Center in Bangkok (Tel: 02-354 7509, 02-354 7515; Website: www.adoption.dsdw.go.th).

Those interested are also advised to read:

• the guidelines at https://www.adoption.dsdw.go.th/adoption-03-01-e.html, and

• the required documents at https://www.adoption.dsdw.go.th/adoption-03-02-e.html